Internet Rental And Security Refund Agreement Reserve online with Homeaway booking Call 209.352.0161 for booking assistance book direct and save on fees using the Adobe link above bring your own sheets/towels

Calculate fees: See cabin page for nightly rate/or weekly rate +cleaning +12% tax +$250 security=fees paid.

  If staying over a Holiday it is $20 more nightly/$100 weekly.

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#of Guests:__________ #of Nights:____________

Fees Paid: $_______________Cabin #:_________

IN 4:00 PM on:______Out 11:00 AM on:_____


Credit card expiration date: _______________

AMX four digit code on front:________________

CVV code three digits on back:____________


I read instructions/refund policy above.


As it appears on the credit card



Credit card billing address if different than home

Home Address:______________________________






1   Leave cabin tidy and in good order/clean BBQ.*

2   Check in 4:00 PM/Check out 11:00 AM.

3   Leave cabin binder for next Guest.

4   Leave key in lock box/closed, you won’t loose it.

5   Lock all windows and doors upon every exit.

6   Turn off lights, any running appliances upon exit.

7   SEPTIC SYSTEM NO’S: too much paper, objects, back to      back showers/please space out showers/15 min.

8   Follow heating instructions for cabin, gas/wood.

9   *Remove ashes to ash can do not ground dump.      Do not put wood/charcoal in gas BBQ’s.

10  Observe parking/people limits for cabin.

11  No trespassing on neighbors property or privacy,      parking, noise, play, hiking, biking, etc.

12  You are responsible to remove all our own items.

13  Wood piles marked with posts/covered with tarp.

14  Return Shovel in winter to front door.


1   Call/Check for key code information email.

2   Damages to themselves, guests and premises.

3   Inform all guests of rules to prevent damages.

4   Leave key in lock box, use code to get key.

5   Read instructions on form and in cabin binder.

6   County Snow Plow. (County tow Ordinance).

7   Bring hand/laundry soap, trash bags, fire flashlight, charcoal for BBQ’s (see your cabin bbq description). Provided: Paper towels/toilet paper/dishsoap/pods.

8   Must bag your trash and put in cans securely.

9   Bring our own sheets, towels, toiletries, special cookware, winter chains/cables for driving safety.


11 *NO outdoor fires, only exception BBQ’S.

12  Do not leave minors unattended at cabin.

13  Keep wood covered in winter with cabin tarp.

14  No eating in bedrooms/game rooms.

Payment of fees: In advance is required. All fees must be in the form of pre-approved credit card. You are booked when you give your credit card/approval code is given. Please read refund policy. Rental Agreement Security form is due before key code is given. Your Fees: payment, being number of nights+ cleaning (fee posted on your cabin page) +12% tax +250 security. Security: will be refunded to the card 21-30 days after stay given the instructions have been observed and there are no damages. Contractor inspects after departure. Any damages will be repaired and come from the security. Damages in excess of security are renters responsibility. These rental properties are privately owned. PAR/Owner is not responsible for loss or damage of Renter/guests, personal property or bodily injury/harm of any kind by any means whatsoever while at the premises. Cleaning: per cabin size see rate on individual cabin page. Contractor cleaning is done after the stay. Garbage: instructions are posted at the cabin. Unit Car/Capacity: Renter/Guest agrees to posted person/car limits see cabin page, on premises any guest/car over the limit will result in removal of overage and forfeiture of security.

Instructions: must be shared with all renters guests. Read instructions list and refund policy below, important for security refund. Cabin Instructions are also posted in cabin. Any questions or needs call 209.352.0161. Booking: Your Cabin# and booking# will given when credit card payment/email confirmation is sent. REFUND POLICY: Bookings/cleaning fees are NOT refunded. Reschedule: We are happy to reschedule your stay if we are able to rebook your dates. Reschedule is for up to a year from the date of the stay. For all bookings and reschedules, we reserve the right to place you in cabin of equal or greater value and/or PAR needs to substitute for any reason. Renters can Not sub-lease or re-assign rental term. Receipt: keep this form. Damages: Renter/s agrees that he/she is entirely responsible for any and all damages to the property or contents to the extent that such damage is caused by renter or guests of rental group during rental term. Renter/Guests agree to obey all PAR rules and instructions, U.S. CA state, Tuolumne County laws/ordinances. This represents the whole agreement, no other warranties, promises or conditions expressed or implied.

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